Montessori Rattles for Infants

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A stunning set of Montessori Rattles for newborns that Stimulates the sense of hearing. Additionally, small hands may grab it easily due to its size.

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A traditional Montessori Rattles for newborns, the “Bell on leather straps” aids in several developmental stages in young children. A three-metal bell was fastened to the leather straps using a strong thread, and this Montessori Rattles fitted onto the wooden dowel.  Perfect newborn toys because of their unique design it are very easy for children to use them.

Benefits  & Purpose : 

a.Sensory Exploration: The bell provides auditory stimulation when shaken, allowing children to explore sound and develop their auditory senses.  Also, this is used as a teether.

b.Gross Motor Skills: Grasping the leather strap and shaking the bell helps children develop their gross motor skills. As they reach for the bell and shake it, they’re refining their hand-eye coordination and muscle control.

c.Focus and Concentration: The sound produced by the bell can capture a child’s attention and encourage concentration.

Overall, the “Bell on leather straps” is a versatile Montessori material that provides sensory stimulation, promotes motor development, and supports language acquisition. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it a valuable tool in early childhood education.


Size: Measurements: 6.5 cm length Dowel with 1.4 cm diameter thickness.

All the new Born material should be used under adult supervision.