The Importance of Tummy Time for Infants



As parents, caregivers, or even observers, we have all witnessed the adorable sight of babies lying on their bellies, attempting to lift their heads and explore the world around them. This simple act, known as tummy time, is not just a cute pose for pictures; it plays a crucial role in the development and well-being of infants. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why tummy time is important for infants and how it impacts their growth and motor skills.

Why Tummy time is Important?

  1. Tummy time helps infants strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles, which are essential for head control and later developmental milestones such as sitting and crawling.
  2. By lifting their heads during tummy time, babies engage their upper body muscles, promoting strength and coordination.
  3. Preventing Flat Head Syndrome,Prolonged periods spent on their backs can lead to flat head syndrome in infants. Tummy time helps alleviate pressure on the back of the head, reducing the risk of this condition. Alternating between back and tummy time encourages infants to shift their weight and change the position of their heads, preventing the development of flat spots.
  4. Enhancing Motor Skills Development, tummy time encourages babies to use their arms and legs to push up, reach for objects, and eventually roll over. These movements stimulate the development of motor skills and coordination, laying the foundation for future milestones like sitting, crawling, and walking.

Ideas on How to Include Tummy Time. How to Start Early and How to Increase Time Gradually

  1. Begin tummy time sessions as soon as your baby is a few days old, starting with short periods of just a few minutes.
  2. Gradually increase the duration and frequency of tummy time sessions as your baby grows stronger and more comfortable in this position.

Make use of stimulating toys or objects during tummy time to promote mobility

  1. Place soft Clutch Ball toys, Eco-Friendly Teether cum Rattles colourful objects which is eco-friendly, or mirrors on the wall within your baby's reach during tummy time to keep them entertained and motivated.
  2. These stimuli can encourage babies to reach, grasp, and explore their surroundings while on their bellies.

When your baby is having tummy time, here's how to supervise and interact with them

  1. Always supervise your baby during tummy time to ensure their safety and comfort.
  2. Engage with your baby by talking, singing, or making eye contact to make the experience enjoyable and interactive for them.


Tummy time is not just a fun activity; it is a crucial component of an infant's early development. By incorporating regular tummy time sessions into your baby's daily routine, you can help them strengthen their muscles, prevent flat head syndrome, and enhance their motor skills. Remember, every minute spent on their tummy brings your baby one step closer to reaching important milestones in their growth journey. So, let's encourage tummy time and watch our little ones thrive!

"Tummy time isn't just playtime; it's essential for your baby's growth and development."

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