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Tummy Time Toys


This combo comes with attractive tummy time toys for babies to help develop their Sensories, Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills

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1) The soft Montessori Clutchball, as the names suggests, help babies to clutch to them while playing and aiding them in developing their grasping skills. It’s the ideal first ball for baby. During tummy time, babies would try to reach for it, grasp, grip, squeeze, and mouth the ball. Since it is not like a normal ball, it will not roll too far and will stay close by the baby even if he drops it. It visually stimulates the baby and enhances the coordination as the baby learns to pass the ball from one hand to another.
2) The Sensory Softball, a handmade montessori ball develops a child’s motor skills. The segmented ball is completely sewn together and padded, made with 100% organic cotton, allows babies to handle it with ease.This sensory clutch ball is designed in such a way that it delights the baby’s developing senses. The colourful high-contrast printed fabric grab the baby’s attention visually, and provides tactile stimulation. The segments in this ball make it easier for a baby to clutch compared to a regular ball.
3) The Small Rolling Rattle makes a pleasant sound rattling sound when the child grasps and moves the toy, transfering it from one hand to the other. While improving eye-hand coordination, child’s grasping & exploring skills, it is also helps promoting child’s movements, as the rattle rolls at bit on the floor.
4) Dumbell Wooden Rattle is a perfect toy for babies who are beginning to grasp & shake things. The rattle makes a pleasant sound as the baby moves it, encouraging him to keep moving as it makes sound, thereby developing a baby’s arms during movements.
5) The Crackling Blanket is excellent sensory toy for a baby, the blanket is made with organic cotton and the material inside the cotton sheets make crackling sounds that keep the babies entertained with sensory stimulation.