Teether Combo

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This combo comes with attractive tummy time toys for babies to help develop their Sensories, Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills

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1) Montessori Wooden Ring Ribbon Teether is handmade with quality beechwood, decorated with colourful ribbon strings on the ring that provides a sensorial stimulation to the babies. This is teether cum grasping toy has a smooth textured wooden ring that is light in weight which makes it easy to hold, also enabling the child to grasp it easily while chewing them happily! The colourful ribbons attracts the babies, making it a useful creative toy for playing.
2) Teether Cum Cloud Mobile is a unique Montessori Teether cum Mobile that is made up of wooden beads wrapped with colorful cotton fabric and a stuffed toy shaped like a rainbow with two clouds hanging from one side. This toy doubles up as a teether and a mobile to keep the baby busy, strengthening baby’s sensory motor skills and developing eye-hand cordination skills.
3) A unique Montessori toy cum teether made of wooden beads with a wooden ring on one side and a stuffed animal toy on the other side serves as a teether, a grasping toy and a sensorial mobile for babies.
4) Montessori Wooden Beads Teether is handmade from one of highest quality natural organic wood. Babies start to grasp the moment they are born, these teethers with smooth beads are suitable for babies to hold in their small hands, is safe for chewing.
5) The Interlocking wooden circles or discs aids in grasping, soothes aching gums. The natural organic wood is anti bacterial and anti fungal. The shape of the discs makes it easier for babies to grasp and helps in improving the baby’s hand-eye coordination skills

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