Sensory Small Crackle Blanket Cum Teether for Babies 3 to 6 Months

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The Crackling Blanket if excellent sensory toy for a baby, the blanket is made with organic cotton and the material inside the cotton sheets make crackling sounds that keep the babies entertained with sensory stimulation.

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The Crackling Blanket has different coloured ribbons that are securely fastened into the colourful blanket, along with an organic wooden ring for teether.
The babies will love to explore this toy and play with this blanket as the different coloured ribbons and the crinkling sounds keep them entertained. Apart from keeping the babies busy, these blankets also offer children an additional concrete element in their tags or ribbons, helping them feel safe, decrease their anxiety and increase comfort which in turn can help them self soothe and fall asleep with ease.

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