Nursery Room Decor – Combo

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Beautiful nursery set up for a toddler’s bedroom or an attractive, cozy reading corner in the living room for your child.

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1) Hanging Canopy is fixed to the ceiling on a hook or on a bracket to the wall that is provided as a hanging kit with the product. The upper part has a wooden ring, a net-like fabric is given for hanging, that would easily cover around the kid’s mattress, giving them a little privacy kind of environment while playing or reading.
2) Hanging Cloud Mobile can be used as a Crib Hanging or Ceiling Hanging for Kid’s Room. A Baby Mobile for Nursery Décor that is a handmade product, made with Felt material.
The shapes are made with 100% biodegradable cotton stuffed in Felt material, that consists of a cloud and rain drops.
3) A unique reversible round bed that can be tightened with a string, folding it from all the sides thereby preventing the baby from rolling out of the bed; this bed can be later used as an open mattress (removing the string) for putting the baby on the floor for “tummy time”.

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