Montessori Velcro Dressing Frame

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  • A Toddler Montessori Practical Life Activities. 
  • A frame with 2 pieces of quilted fabric attached by Velcro, designed in a three-tab pattern. the fabric color is different on the inside than the outside pattern of the fabric. All the materials are proportionated as per AMI Toddlers classroom guidelines.
  • Velcro is very commonly found on things like children’s shoes, coats, and bags. In Montessori, we teach children to do up and undo velcro using a special Montessori Velcro Frame.
  • Children need to be self-reliant and with this Practical Life activity, children will gain confidence and discipline to master the art of doing up and undoing velcro on their clothing by themselves and will no longer need the help of an adult.
  • It is a lot easier for children to be able to do this task using a Velcro Frame rather than on their body itself. Once the Velcro Frame has been mastered, they will be ready to use velcro on their clothes or bags on their own