Montessori Pre-writing Activity – Combo

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To develop pre-handwriting skills and to develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination by giving tactile experiences.

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1) Lacing Board is one of the important activity of Montessori classroom. It helps a child to understand pattern skill and eye-hand coordination. Two rectangular wooden boards with small hooks placed in two different patterns for lacing – vertical lines & zig-zag. These spring lacing activities are perfect winding down activity. Lacing is an excellent example of activities that help a child improve their pincer grip, or the thumb and pointer finger grip.

2) Number Tracing – Numbers are written from 0 to 10 and sewn on a felt material squares for easy holding and feeling the embossed material by hand. Tracing the numbers help a child to understand formation of number and helps them in preparation for writing.

3) Letter Tracing – This activity consists of all 26 letters in one set, all the letters are in normal print form in lower case on the felt paper, the consonants are in pink colour and vowels in blue. The child has to trace each letter the way it is written, while tracing he has to make the phonetic sound of the letter, by doing this the impression of each letter is stored in their subconscious mind along with the sound through their muscular memory. The child will never forget the sounds in future and he develops good handwriting

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