Montessori Food Placemat | Dinning Table Mat- Children

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A lovely cotton food placemat for toddlers that helps children learn table manners and eating etiquette! With this adorable table mat, your youngster will progress towards independence and gain a charming aspect. Whether they’re using their hands, a spoon, or getting their water, this is the first step their development journey.

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  • A lovely cotton Food placemat for Toddlers cum Dinning Table Mat that helps children learn table manners and eating etiquette. With this table mat, the youngster will progress towards independence. Additionally, it gives him a charming aspect for a youngster. This is the initial stage in a child’s development of an interest in eating with their hands, using a spoon, and getting their water.
  • Pack of 3 Mat. Size 39cm X 51cm, Plate size: 15 cm diameter.
  • Cotton with hand embroidery on the plate, spoon, fork, and tumbler. To Enhance the mat look we have used cotton lace.
  • Customers can use different color combinations & designs. Or for any customisation please write us at unboxmontessori@gmail.com

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