Montessori Casa Bow Ribbons Dressing Frames

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This Dressing Frame’s primary purpose is to teach children how to dress themselves by mastering different clothing fasteners. This process also tests a child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, as they work with each material. Equip your child for independence today!

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Empower Your Child’s Independence

  • Mastering Self-Care Skills Empower your toddlers to master the essential life skill of dressing with the Montessori Dressing Frames with Bow Ribbons. Dressing Frames are specifically designed to enhance young children’s fine motor skills and confidence by developing in them how to use different kinds of fastings and un by themselves. As they learn, they gain the coordination and dexterity needed to tackle more complex tasks.
  • Build Confidence and Discipline Nothing beats the sense of achievement your child feels when they learn something new. With the Montessori Dressing Frames, watch as your child’s eyes light up with pride with every button they fasten. This activity not only keeps them engaged but also promotes discipline and patience. As they improve, their self-reliance grows, allowing them to enjoy the independence of dressing without needing an adult’s help.


  • Safe and Durable MaterialsSafety is paramount when it comes to children’s learning tools. Unbox Montessori Dressing Frames are crafted with high-quality fabric and take care of child safety. Each frame is sturdy and durable, designed to withstand the enthusiastic learning style of toddlers. The large buttons make it easy for tiny fingers to handle and manipulate, providing a frustration-free learning experience which is crucial in the early stages of development.


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