Green Topponcino

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Topponcino is a wonderful Montessori aid that helps to hold and handle a baby easily. It is a soft, flat, mat-like mattress to support the new-borns and also provides comfort while holding or feeding the babies.

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The soft mat, normally in Montessori is known as Topponcino is made with 100% non bleach cotton batting, with an outer cover made of organic muslin cotton material. The set comes with one topponcino and two extra outer covers made of printed organic muslin cotton material. The extra covers are given to use one while the other is washed and dried, the colourful printed covers also gives the topponcino an elegant look. Its uses are: 1. Gives the baby a cozy & comfort feeling 2. Makes it easier to hold the baby while carrying or feeding, even inexperienced people will be able to hold the baby. 3. Its light-weight feature helps the mothers to carry it anywhere. 4. It can also be used for baby’s tummy time or lone time with Montessori Mobiles so that the baby can move its arms and legs freely on a flat surface. Recommended: For babies from birth till 3 months for holding & carrying and after 3 months, can be used for tummy time Wash care: Since the product is 100% non bleach cotton batting therefore it needs hand wash. Do not hang the bed while drying, dry on a flat surface.

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