Food Preparation Activity Set |Orange Peeling

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“Enhance your child’s fine motor skills with our 4-piece Orange Peeling Kit. Includes a child-friendly knife, a high-quality steel tray, and more for a fun and safe learning experience

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  • Improve Fine Motor Skills

Help your toddler develop essential fine motor skills with our Orange Peeling Kit. This fun and educational activity will not only keep your child engaged but also encourage the use of their tiny hands. By peeling oranges, they will learn the art of precision while using a child-friendly knife designed for safety. This activity is great for enhancing hand-eye coordination and building confidence as they prepare their own food.

  • Key for Development:                                                                                                                                                                                         1. Child-Friendly Knife: Ensures safety while allowing toddlers to practice cutting.                                                                                           2. Premium Quality Steel Tray: Keeps the work area clean and organized.                                                                                                     3. Two Steel Bowls: Perfect for sorting peeled fruits and waste.
  • Create Fun Learning Moments

Make food preparation an exciting learning experience with our Toddler Food Preparation Activity Set. This kit includes everything your child needs to explore and understand the world of fruits and vegetables. They can chop, cut, and mix various ingredients, honing their culinary skills in a fun and interactive way. This set is perfect for Montessori activities aimed at practical life skills.

  • Steel Tray and Bowls: Teach organization and cleanliness.
  • Storage Box: Keeps finished products fresh and ready to eat.
  • Interactive Play: Encourages curiosity and learning through play.
  • Encourage Independence

Foster a sense of independence in your child with our high-quality Orange Peeling Kit. This kit allows your toddler to participate in food preparation, giving them a sense of accomplishment and pride. The storage box included is perfect for keeping finished products fresh and ready, making snack time an exciting part of their day.

  • Independence Building:
  • High-Quality Steel Tray and Bowls: Durable and safe for everyday use.
  • Child-Friendly Knife: Allows safe practice of important life skills.
  • Easy Storage: Keeps everything organized and within reach.