Eye Hand Coordination Activity – Combo

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Sewing Activity kits develop pre-handwriting skills, enhances child’s eye-hand coordination, concentration skill and hones’s their creative thinking.

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1) Cheese & Mouse Sewing activity set comprises of a square yellow felt fabric with different sized holes, attached to black string with a small mouse-like in place of a needle. All our activities are inspired and based on Montessori sewing method. The child will be able to hold with his palmer grip as he moves the mouse through different holes one by one.
2) Toddler’s Sewing Kit consists of square-shaped felt material with holes, both horizontally & vertically, that is provided with a plastic needle and thread and cloth buttons as accessories.
3)Little Champ Sewing With Mom – The contents come in a cute potli bag, which consists of a Binka plastic A-4 sheet, child friendly needles, different-shaped colourful buttons, woollen & embroidery thread skeins, a ring, some pasta and a square piece of jute material. Sewing not only improves their hand-eye coordination but also teaches them how to plan and organise, teaches them creativity and makes them diligent. This activity will also help in strengthening the bond between a mom and her child.

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