Wooden Teether and Dumble shapes Rattle for Babies

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Discover the Perfect Play Companion: 5-star Wooden Teether and Rattle for Babies

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Engage & Soothe: Wooden Teether Cum Dumble Shapes Rattles for Babies

A Gentle Grip for Tiny Hands

  • Promotes Palmar Grasp: The design catered to fit snugly in small hands, encouraging your baby to develop a strong and confident grip.
  • Ideal Weight: Crafted with babies in mind, its weight is perfect for those initial grasp attempts without straining their delicate muscles.

Sensory Exploration at Its Best

  • Varied Textures: The distinct textures across the dumble shapes intrigue and engage your baby’s sense of touch, promoting tactile learning.
  • Stimulating Shapes: Different shapes not only captivate but also help in recognizing various forms, aiding in cognitive development from an early age.

Grow With Me

  • Adapts to Your Baby: Unlike other toys, this wooden rattle grows with your child, becoming a staple in their play routine as they transition from a newborn to a curious toddler.
  • Tummy Time Fun: Specifically beneficial in strengthening core and neck muscles during tummy time, making playtime productive.

Safety First

  • Natural & Safe: Made with high-quality natural wood, this toy doubles as a safe teething option for your little one, free from harmful chemicals.
  • Non-Toxic Finish: Rest assured, the safe, non-toxic finish makes it a worry-free choice for parents concerned about chemical exposure.
  • Engaging Wooden Teether and Rattle
  • Safe Teething: Natural Wood Rattle
  • Stimulate & Soothe: Baby’s First Toy
  • Eco-Friendly Rattle for Developing Grip
  • Natural Teething Toy: Fun & Safe

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