About Us Unbox Montessori

Children bring joy into our lives. As a parent, you can never settle for mediocre, you always want the best for your child. You look for products that are sensible, address the needs of the child, while being child-friendly and non-toxic. You obviously want your little bundle of joy to be safe.

Unbox Montessori is a brand that originated from (or can also use other synonyms for pedigree) the struggles of parents unable to find products that are age appropriate and non toxic. Be it for an infant or your young kid, you can find anything for any situation in our online store. We provide a quick and appropriate solution and you, the parent, can focus on your child’s development

Our vast rage of products stretches across furniture, toys, books, children’s clothing, learning and developmental aids and tools, and much more. All our products are 100% non toxic, free of chemicals, lead free, and any other harmful materials, rigorously subjected to quality checks, with minute attention to detail and aesthetics. Each product is crafted to ensure that your child will instantly fall in love with it.

What makes Unbox Montessori different?

Unbox Montessori goes beyond the basics by innovating and creating an entirely new range of products that meet the needs of children during their crucial growing years.

Our founders Rohini and Chetan are proud parents who, together work on their shared goal of building a safe future for the little ones. Every child is a distinctive individual, making each a special person. We believe that each child must have sufficient resources and child friendly tools for their development. To achieve this goal, our team works on researching and then developing educational products that children will be drawn to play with and thus develop their senses and ? skills. We are the home of products that will make your child creative, active, intuitive and original.

Above all, we ensure that the necessary safety parameters are met before we launch our products.

Renovate your child’s room, give resources that will educate them while playing and motivate them to pursue their art (need a better word instead of art)

Unbox Montessori is here to spread happiness.


Our vision is to help parents build a bright future for their children with practical, innovative, and child-safe products that are available at one destination, thus helping both new and existing parents


Here we need to describe what we are doing and will do to ensure the vision is achieved. Example –

  1. Constant research, innovation and feedback from parents, which is then used to tweak the products
  2. Rigorous checks to ensure products are child safe

The mission is the road to the vision just like Reaching Mars is a vision and the mission is how to get there